Head office - 112 Moo 8 - Bangrakam - Banglen Nakhon Pathom 73130 Thailand

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When we started growing plants on our first 5,000 m² of land in Nakhon Pathom in central Thailand in early 2005 with unlimited optimism, we could not have guessed where our enthusiasm would lead. Now Flora Design is a multi-faceted plant farm with several branches in Thailand, with a total of some 720,000 m² of land, more or less the size of a small Thai village. And what's nice, our enthusiasm is undiminished.

We grow more than 500 varieties of foliage plants for indoor or outdoor use, have our own laboratory, work with hydroponics and supply trees and plants for attractions where a tropical rainforest is reconstructed. We do this with a permanent team of equally motivated colleagues and in awe of nature.